A Few Words from One of Our Literacy Partners…

The Children’s Book Bank has been an important part of the Regent Park Reading Recovery program for many years now.  Our students attend book readings on a weekly basis and are always eager and excited to find new books and to hear great stories from the team.  The Book Bank continues to provide a positive and fun approach to literacy in the community where the team always take an extra minute to pair up students with a perfect book depending on interest and reading level.  The Book Bank provides excellent volunteer opportunities for youth, they have provided 100s of books to the students in Reading Recovery, and have generously donated valuable literacy activities and books that have helped make Reading Recovery a success and helped improve the literacy levels amongst the community.  Our students are now able to read their own literature and texts at home and I have observed great literacy development because of this.  We are truly grateful for the support the Book Bank has provided us, keep up the great work!

Joshua Boldt
Reading Recovery Program Director,
Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club

Story time at the Book Bank

Our longtime volunteer Betty, reading to a Kiwanis Summer Reading Recovery group.

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