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A Wedding Gift For The Book Bank

Something really different crossed our desk a few weeks ago, and since we’re heading right into the heart of wedding season, we thought we’d take a moment and share it with you. It’s a truly creative, unique and community-minded way of sharing in a wedding celebration—and in a way that brings a couple’s community a little closer to ours. We were so impressed with this idea that we asked them if we could share it on our blog! Take a look at what these amazing supporters of the Book Bank asked of their wedding guests, in their own words:

We are so happy that you will be coming to our wedding. Your presence, truly, will be gift enough for us. 

However, from the moment we decided to take the plunge, it was clear to us that this event might be more than just a way for our families and friends to celebrate as a community. We also hoped it could be a means by which our community might reach out in support of another one.

To that end, in lieu of a gift to us we are hoping that you will consider joining us in support of an organization whose mission and work we believe in. The Children’s Book Bank, based in Toronto. In particular, in support of its new project: Building Babies’ Brains, otherwise known as B3. Our search to find an organization with the right “fit” began with four key words: children; health; community; local. The Book Bank hit the target. On top of that, its focus on books and literacy registers deeply with both of us.

The chief focus of The Children’s Book Bank is to provide, at no cost, books to children who otherwise could not afford them. But our interest was really piqued by what we think is an exciting off-shoot of that work. Building Babies’ Brains – The Children’s Book Bank’s B3 project – comes out of pediatric research in both Canada and the U.S. which shows that reading to children at an early age is actually a matter of health. Research also indicates that this message is more deeply received and acted upon by families when it is delivered by primary health care providers, rather than by, say, social workers.

With that in mind, the Book Bank partnered with a local health clinic in Toronto’s Regent Park. It trained front-line nurse practitioners on the message and how to deliver it; CBB helped the clinic set up a literacy-friendly waiting room and, crucially, it delivered tote-bags with age-appropriate books for children, from newborns to age 5. It has proved such a success, the Book Bank is ready to expand it to benefit other communities.

This is where we can come in. The Book Bank has agreed to use any donations we raise to bring the program’s training, waiting room design and books to another downtown health clinic. This could propel the model even further. If you are interested, we have posted a link to a donations page. Again, thanks so much for making this day such a special one for the two of us.

Wow. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! And to this generous couple—we’ve been really honoured by your idea and your initiative. Thank you for the amazing support, and congratulations!