A CBB Board Member’s Experience…

I don’t know about you – but I tend to believe there are no accidents. Sometimes something or someone is put in your path and it isn’t a coincidence. That’s how I felt on a recent cab ride.

TI_Becca-1I’ve been on the Board of Directors of the Children’s Book Bank for just about a year now – yes, I’m “new.” One night, as I was leaving an evening Board meeting, I hopped into a taxi to make my way home. It was dark, and I was tired from a long day at work, and much discussion with my fellow Board members. But then something interesting happened that changed my ride. My driver greeted me with a smile and asked whether there was some kind of event taking place at our Berkley & Gerrard Street location. He seemed enthusiastic, and like he knew about the CBB first-hand.

I explained that I was on the Board and that I was coming from a monthly meeting. He smiled again, and told me that he lived in the neighbourhood, and that his four children, two of whom started university at Ryerson last fall,
have been long-time fans and customers of the Book Bank. He said he has great respect for what the Bank does, and that his family must have nearly 100 books stamped with our little stamp in his small apartment.

If you’re not familiar with our mission as a charity that supports childhood literacy by providing free books to children in low-income neighbourhoods in Toronto, that might sound odd… but considering that the Book Bank has donated almost 400,000 in its five year history, I’m sure he wasn’t exaggerating! The Book Bank staff report that some families come in virtually every week to get a new used book for each family member.

As we travelled along Dundas Street, he told me how important reading is; that he sometimes fears his youngest son won’t develop a love for it because he is spending so much time on computers. Over and over he told me how important he thinks the CBB is, and how grateful he is for the service. Twice he mentioned how expensive books can be, and that we have been a huge help to his family.


I couldn’t believe it. This was such a wonderful and honest example of how The Children’s Book Bank makes a difference in the community – and how a significant impact can be made over time. It made me very proud to be on The Children’s Book Bank team.

-Becca Lucas
CBB Board Member

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