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2015 BOM Reading Challenge!

During the season of New Year Resolutions, why not take our 2015 Book of the Month (BOM) Reading Challenge? The staff at The Children’s Book Bank challenges you to read all 12 BOM in 2015! Come into the book bank today to find out how to sign up.

Our first book of the year is a classic spy story, beloved by one of our lovely volunteers, “Harriet The Spy” written by Louise Fitzhugh. 11-year-old Harriet is an avid writer who is determined to become a spy when she grows up. Unfortunately, Harriet’s trusted notebook is discovered by her classmates who do not take kindly to her honest descriptions of everyone in her class and thus they form their own Spy Catcher Club!

How will Harriet resolve the situation and regain her friendships?


As part of the 2015 BOM Reading Challenge, don’t forget to:

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