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Book of the Month – May

May at The Children’s Book Bank is going to be all about celebrating classics. May’s Book of the Month “Mama’s Going to Buy you a Mockingbird” by Jean Little was selected by Vikki VanSickle, Penguin Canada’s Marketing and Publicity Manager for Young Readers.  Here’s why Vikki chose the beautiful novel for May’s Book of the Month:

What is a classic? Some people shy away from books we call classic because the word bringing to mind stuffy old characters doing stuffy old things, but to me the word classic means timeless. A classic is a story that people all over the world can read at any point and still be touched by the characters and their challenges. In MAMA’S GOING TO BUY YOU A MOCKINGBIRD the main character Jeremy is having a bad summer. You don’t have to be a boy, from the same country, or have a sick parent to know what it’s like to have a bad day, week, or even year. Emotions, like classic books, are timeless, ageless, and genderless. No matter what religion you practise or where you come from, you know what it’s like to feel sad, happy, angry, or lonely. Jeremy’s story has sad moments, but it also has happy ones. Life is never one or the other, but both, and everything in between. I hope you enjoy this Puffin  Canadian Classic and you share it with a friend. That’s how classics are born, when a reader like you shares a book with someone else.”

A very special thanks to Penguin Canada for donating copies of “Mama’s Going to Buy you a Mockingbird” in addition to a mixed selection of classics for our Book of the Month May Classics Celebration! Read with us and try a classic!