Monthly Archives: September 2011

Back in the Swing of Things

Hello readers,

It was a great feeling to flip our store’s sign from CLOSED to OPEN on September 12th.  It marked the beginning of another season for the Children’s Book Bank.  We close the store for a few weeks at the end of each summer to give our outstanding volunteers a chance to refresh, repair and rejuvenate before the busy fall season arrives.

The volunteers returned with as much energy as the kids did.  The after school crowds rushed in, eager to take home a book of their own.  School trips are up and running – our daytime calendar is filling up fast.  The neighbourhood seems happy to have us back.

After attending Word on the Street last Sunday and talking to parents, we saw a spike in book donations this week.  Actually, spike might be too gentle a word – the donations were off-the-charts.  Tuesday brought in close to 500 books – that was a workout.

We love to talk with book donors about the boxes of books they are bringing in.  We’ve had two community book drives in the past month alone, each initiated and organized by Toronto students!  We are amazed and ever grateful at the efforts of Torontonians (of all ages).

There is lots more going on at the Book Bank, but we’ll have to save that for the next post.